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Passport Cover

The main thing without which even a person of our planet can not live is of course a passport. The "dress" of your passport can tell a lot. Our handmade passport covers will allow you to show yourself without even opening a document. Bright colors and amazing ornaments will appeal to all lovers of a stylish life. Original passport covers are unique design solutions when beauty and quality are combined into a whole one.

All leather passport covers presented in the catalog have unique patterns. Cool passport covers will not become just a whim or excess, they will be reliable “protectors” of your documents and original accessories for you.

Handmade covers are suitable for your passport, driver’s license and other documents, so they will be a great gift for all your loved ones. It is not difficult to buy a cover for documents, because you can contact us via Skype or e-mail. Ask your questions and make suggestions in the form of feedback, and by phone you can find out more detailed information, both about the product and about the author.