$ 16Браслет мужской


What emphasizes the sophistication of female forearm and the power of male wrist? Of course bracelets! The stores offer many different options for bracelets made of artificial leather, rubber or even stones, but here you will find bracelets made of genuine leather.

Our handmade bracelets are a design solution that is embodied in life by a master of his craft. Made from grain leather, the bracelets never rub and look amazing under any circumstances. A wide selection of colors, prints, widths and sizes will make finding the right decoration interesting and quick. All products are in perfect harmony with each other, which allows you to make several bright accents and emphasize one or another detail in your image.

You no longer need to run around looking for exclusive gifts for your loved ones. You can buy men's leather bracelets right here! Just call on Skype or phone, write an e-mail or request in the form of feedback.

Take the first step towards originality!