Key holders

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Key keepers

Each time, approaching the door of the apartment, we begin to feverishly sort through the contents of our pockets in search of keys. Why do we complicate our lives? Handmade key keeper will help us not to waste time in vain!

Also, a key keeper made of genuine leather can be an excellent corporate gift for employees!

Such convenient accessories are great for both men and women. Men's leather key keeper is made of leather with a rougher texture and often in black or brown colors. They can be flat or voluminous. Women's leather key keeper is distinguished by bright colors and intricate ornaments. Ladies prefer key bags or fob.

This section presents only leather products made personally by the designer. Of course, you can buy a key keeper made not from natural materials, but you must admit that it is much better to hold a really high-quality thing in your hand. The leather key keeper is the safety of your keys for a long time, as well as prestige and a unique style.

Do you want to surprise everyone? A leather key keeper is a gift that will be appreciated by both your friends and relatives.